10th InterLymph Meeting

Cagliari, Italy - June 10-13, 2011

Members of the International Lymphoma Epidemiology Consortium (InterLymph) and other interested individuals are invited to attend the 2011 Annual Meeting in Cagliary, Italy on June 10-13, 2011.

The 2011 Annual Meeting is made possible due to the support of the National Cancer Institute (NCI); the Rector of the University of Cagliari; the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Cagliari; the Province of Cagliari; and CACIP, Cagliari.


Registration for the 2011 InterLymph Annual Meeting is now officially open. To register, you will first need to create a profile in the Mayo Medical Laboratories WebsiteExternal Web Site Policy. Once you have created a profile, then you can go to the actual Interlymph Annual Meeting registration site.

The registration fee for the conference is $150 if registering on or before May 20, 2011. If you register after May 20th, the registration fee will be $200. Please plan to register promptly to facilitate the final meeting planning. On-site registration and fee payment will not be accepted. Please contact Aaron Norman, Research Study Coordinator, Division of Epidemiology, Mayo Clinic, if you have any questions regarding the registration portal.

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Attendees will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements and hotel reservations. The conference will be held at the T-Hotel in Cagiliari, Italy. A block of rooms has been reserved for conference attendees. Limited funding is available to support hotel costs and per diem for a limited number of participants. To request the hotel reservation form or to learn how to request funding support, contact Aaron Norman.

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Meeting Organizing Committee

The Meeting Organizing Committee for the 2011 Annual Meeting consists of the following individuals:

Pierluigi Cocco, Adele Seniori Costantini, Wendy Cozen, Rao Divi, Maria Grazia Ennas, Giovanni Ferri, Emanuele Angelucci, Attilio Gabbas, Henrik Hjalgrim, Giorgio La Nasa, Lucia Miligi, Marco Rais, Nat Rothman, Aldo Scarpa, Christine Skibola, and John Spinelli.

For general questions regarding the 2011 InterLymph Annual Meeting, contact Dr. Perluigi Cocco.

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Abstract Submission Guidelines

If you plan to submit an abstract for the meeting, the submission form will be sent to you automatically with your registration confirmation e-mail.

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Note: Registration for the Sunday Plenary Sessions will be open to a limited number of participants. Continuous education credits will be certified.

Friday June 10, 2011 Topic
9:00-13:30 Hodgkin Lymphoma Working Group and GWAS Meeting
9:00-9:10 Introduction
Pierluigi Cocco and Henrik Hjalgrim
9:10-10:00 Results of Pooled Studies: Familial Risk, Sun Exposure
Sally Glaser
10:00-10:45 Discussion
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:15 GWAS Results
Wendy Cozen and Ruth Jarrett
12:15-12:30 Breaking News: New Results
Pierluigi Cocco
12:30-13:00 What’s next?
Sally Glaser
13:00-13:30 Business Meeting and Wrap-Up
Henrik Hjalgrim
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-18:30 International Multiple Myeloma Consortium (IMMC) Meeting
14:30-14:40 Introduction
Pierluigi Cocco and Wendy Cozen
14:40-15:10 Brief Description of New Studies, Breaking News, and New Results
Brian Chiu
15:10-15:30 Environmental/Lifestyle Risk Factors
Brenda Birmann and Mark Purdue
15:30-15:45 Break
15:45-16:15 Occupational and Chemical Exposures
Pierluigi Cocco, Adele Costantini, Lucia Miligi
16:15-17:00 Pooled Proposal Grant Status and Discussion
Anneclaire DeRoos
17:00-17:30 Genetic Risk Factors, Including GWAS
Beth Brown and Celine Vachon
17:30-18:00 Opportunities for Pooled Studies and Discussion
John Spinelli and Wendy Cozen
18:00-18:30 Business Meeting and Wrap-Up
John Spinelli

Saturday, June 11, 2011 Topic
8:30-12:00 Meeting of the Benzene and Tricloroethylene Team of Occupational Experts
Pierluigi Cocco, Nat Rothman, Qing Lan, Roel Vermeulen, Trish Stewart, Lucia Miligi, Geza Benke, Andrea ‘t Mannetje, Laurent Orsi
9:00-10:30 Meeting of the Pathology and Survival Working Group
Lindsay Morton, Adele Seniori Costantini, Jim Cerhan
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:15 Meeting of the Immunology and Infection Working Group
Claire Vajdic
12:15-13:30 Meeting of the Lifestyle and Environment Working Group
Anne Kricker
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-18:30 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma International GWAS meeting
Nat Rothman
20:30 Social Dinner

Sunday June 12, 2011
Plenary Sessions
9:00-9:15 Introduction and Welcome from the University of Cagliari, the Authorities, and the Italian Society of Hematology
Pierluigi Cocco
9:15-10:45 Beyond GWAS: Translational Applications of the Epidemiological Findings to Prevention and Treatment of the Various Lymphoma Subtypes
Riccardo Dalla Favera and Fabrizio Pane
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Beyond GWAS: Translational Applications of the Epidemiological Findings to Prevention and Treatment of the Various Lymphoma Subtypes
Chris Skibol and David Conti
12:00-13:15 The InterLymph Subtypes Project
Lindsay Morton and Dennis Weisenberger
13:15-13:30 Cohort Interaction with InterLymph
Daniela Seminara
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:30 Discussion of morning topics
speaker panel
15:30-15:45 Break
15:45-16:15 Reports from Hodgkins Lymphoma Working Group (preliminary findings, new proposals for pooled analyses, discussion)
Henrik Hjalgrim
16:15-16:45 Reports from International Multiple Myeloma Consortium (preliminary findings, new proposals for pooled analyses, discussion)
Wendy Cozen
16:45-17:00 Break
17:00-18:00 Poster Session

Monday June 13, 2011 Topic
8:30-10:30 Discussion of Preliminary Findings, New Proposals for Pooled Analyses from the Pathology and Survival, Lifestyle and Occupation, and Immunity and Infection Working Groups
Jim Cerhan, Anne Kricker, and Claire Vajdic
10:30-11:00 InterLymph Data Coordinating Center presentation and discussion, InterLymph 2012 and Wrap Up
Susan Slager
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-13:00 InterLymph Business Meeting
13:00 Lunch

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