ASA24® Instructions for Study Staff & Respondents

The following documents have been created by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as resources for study staff and Respondents. Each resource is available as a ready-to-use PDF as well as in Word format to allow users to adapt the content as desired. In addition, we invite ASA24 users to share resources that they have developed for their own studies so that we may make them available to others - if you have a resource that you would like to share, please contact the ASA24 Help Desk.

Troubleshooting, Getting Started, and Participant Help Guides


No resources are yet available for this version. As Researchers and NCI gain more experience with the 2016 version, resources will be developed and posted. Please contact us if there are tips you think should be included in a troubleshooting guide, such as those developed below for earlier versions.

ASA24-2014, ASA24-Kids-2014, or ASA24-Canada-2014

ASA24-2011 or ASA24-Kids-2012

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Internet Browser Instructions

For ASA24-2016

ASA24-2016 is an HTML5 application and must be used with an HTML5 compatible internet browser. See Web Site Policy for information on compatible browsers by platform and device type.

For ASA24 Versions prior to 2016

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