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Feb. 9, 2016: Whole Exome Sequencing in Families at High Risk for Hodgkin Lymphoma: Identification of a Predisposing Mutation in the KDR Gene

Feb. 29, 2016: CAGI – Evaluation of Computational Methods for Prediction of Genome Variation

Mar. 1, 2016: ACMG Guidelines for Interpreting Sequence Variants

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In October 2015, Kathy J. Helzlsouer, M.D., M.H.S., became Associate Director for the Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program. In this video, she speaks about her background in oncology and epidemiology, the people and experiences that drive her passion for cancer research, and her ideas about future directions for EGRP.

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NCI Explains Genomic Data Sharing Policy

This resource explains when the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy applies and examples of projects affected by it.

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