Maps and Geographic Information Systems

  • State Cancer ProfilesExternal Web Site Policy
    A system to characterize the cancer burden in a standardized manner in order to motivate action, integrate surveillance into cancer control planning, characterize areas and demographic groups, and expose health disparities. The focus is on cancer sites for which there are evidence based control interventions. Epidemiologists may find this site useful for exploring cancer statistics to identify research opportunities.
  • Cancer Mortality Maps & GraphsExternal Web Site Policy
    This Website provides dynamically generated maps for the time period 1950-2004 (1970-2004 only for Blacks).
  • Geographic Information System for Breast Cancer Studies on Long Island (LI GIS)External Web Site Policy
    The LI GIS database can be explored and analyzed using standard GIS software incorporating statistical, geostatistical, and geospatial tools to develop and test research hypotheses (i.e., statistical relationships), model the extent of potential exposures to various environmental and social conditions that may be relevant to understanding disease risk, and model spatiotemporal trends in disease rates and exposures.
  • Geographic Information Systems and Science for Cancer Prevention and ControlExternal Web Site Policy
    NCI's central source of information about GIS and related resources. It consists of an overview of GIS at NCI, examples of GIS tools and data, GIS research publications, and GIS-related funding opportunities.

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