Table 16. Estimated Regression Coefficients for Sum of Foods Predicting Cube Root Teaspoons of Added Sugars Including Cereals by Age Group & Sex

Teaspoons of added sugars including cereals, estimation of b0 and b1, the model is:

E ([Dietary Factor]1/3) = b0+ b1([NFG1P1+ NFG2P2+ ...+ NFG13P13]1/3)

Teaspoons of added sugars, for each age group and sex, the estimates of the parameters are:

Parameter Boys/Men Girls/Women
Intercept (b0) 0.860406 0.872896
b1 0.781429 0.747548
Intercept (b0) 0.909718 0.868961
b1 0.763567 0.749127
Children Only
Intercept (b0) 0.858940 0.979270
b1 0.783682 0.704663
Adolescents Only
Intercept (b0) 0.947773 0.702767
b1 0.752702 0.818578

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