Table 17. Estimated Regression Coefficients for Sum of Foods Predicting Square Root Teaspoons of Added Sugars from Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, by Age Group & Sex

Teaspoons of added sugars from sugar-sweetened beverages, estimation of b0 and b1, the model is:

E ([Dietary Factor]1/2) = b0+ b1([NFG1P1+ NFG2P2+ NFGP3]1/2)

Food groups used are: soda, fruitades/sports drinks, and sugar in coffee/tea. Regression coefficients for children who are not asked the sugars in coffee/tea are also presented. Teaspoons of added sugars from sugar-sweetened beverages, for each age group and sex, the estimates of the parameters are:

Parameter Boys/Men Girls/Women
Intercept (b0) 0.023990 0.020830
b1 1.021405 1.011982
Intercept (b0) 0.013561 -0.023338
b1 1.059944 1.054829
Children Only
Intercept (b0) 0.059330 0.146439
b1 1.018115 0.968547
Adolescents Only
Intercept (b0) 0.180068 0.027709
b1 0.986619 1.020004

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