Additional possible sources of information about chemicals/pesticides and other agents

  • CHEMFINDERExternal Web Site Policy -- This commercial Web site provides information about chemical substances and links to other Web sites with information. Free but registration is required.
  • National Pesticide Telecommunications NetworkExternal Web Site Policy -- A cooperative effort of EPA and Oregon State University to provide fact sheets and other information on pesticides for consumers. A toll free information service also is provided: 1-800-858-7378.
  • Pesticide National Synthesis ProjectExternal Web Site Policy -- The U.S. Geological Survey provides information from its national assessment of pesticides in streams, rivers, and ground water of the United States
  • Pesticides and Epidemiology: Unraveling Disease Patterns [PDF - 440 KB]External Web Site Policy -- A primer that explains basic epidemiologic concepts and methods to help comprehend epidemiologic (human populations) research findings. An overview is provided of epidemiologic methods and conclusions drawn from such studies. Published by Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service.

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