EGRP News Flash - August 19, 2009

NIH Notice of Intent to Publish Requests for Applications for the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) recently published a notice in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts of its intent to publish a set of Requests for Applications (RFAs) to solicit applications for the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program (BCERP). One RFA will support new laboratory and/or epidemiologic studies on environmental influences during critical windows of susceptibility that have the potential to modify a woman's lifetime risk for developing breast cancer and another RFA will support coordinating functions for the BCERP.

Investigators with expertise in the role of environmental exposures on the development of the mammary gland and breast cancer risk are encouraged to consider applying for these new RFAs. The RFAs will invite applications from eligible institutions to participate in:

  • Environmental Influences During Windows of Susceptibility and Breast Cancer Risk, RFA-ES-09-009 (U01): This arm of the program will support novel experimental and clinical studies focusing on the gene-environment interactions and molecular mechanisms of environmental influences on breast cancer risk that operate during critical windows of susceptibility over the female life span. This arm allows for studies focusing on animal models, cellular and molecular studies, and/or ancillary research projects on existing epidemiologic cohorts. Projects with multiple principal investigators are encouraged to promote a multidisciplinary approach. Grantees will be required to partner with breast cancer advocates and/or members of the engaged community.
  • The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Coordinating Center, RFA-ES-09-010 (U01): The Coordinating Center will manage pooled data and facilitate site-specific and pooled data analyses; facilitate collaborations between epidemiologic and laboratory studies as well as outreach and dissemination; organize the Steering Committee, sub-committees, and meetings among supported investigators; organize an annual National Scientific Meeting; support the operations of an advisory Breast Cancer and the Environment Working Group; and administer an Opportunities/Pilot Fund to enhance collaborations and exploit emerging scientific opportunities.

It is expected the RFAs will be published in September 2009 with a receipt date of November 30, 2009. The contact for general questions about epidemiology is EGRP's Gary L. Ellison, Ph.D., Program Director, Modifiable Risk Factors Branch, and the contact for questions about laboratory-based studies is Neeraja Sathyamoorthy, Ph.D., Program Director, Division of Cancer Biology; e-mail:

  • Access the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts for details: NOT-ES-09-00External Web Site Policy.

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