EGRP News Flash - March 13, 2009

Overview of Current NIH, NCI American Recovery and Investment Act Programs

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ("Recovery Act") provides a total of $8.2 billion to NIH in extramural funding to stimulate the U.S. economy through support and advancement of scientific research. The NIH will allocate the Recovery Act funds as follows:

  • At least $200 million in Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research to support research on topics that address research challenges in biomedical and behavioral research that would benefit from significant 2-year jumpstart funds (Fiscal Years 2009-2010),
  • $1 billion in construction grants to help build new or improve existing research facilities and help grow the economy, and
  • $300 million in shared instrumentation grants to facilitate the purchase of research equipment that will enable researchers to complete their critical work.

NIH Institutes and Centers have identified specific areas and topics for Challenge Grants. (See Web page URLs below for NCI's Challenge Grant Web page.) NIH's Recovery Act implementation plans are evolving rapidly and more areas and topics may be added. Investigators should be aware that the total number of grants may be significantly higher because individual Institutes and Centers also can fund grants through their own Recovery Act allocations.

As other opportunities become available, information will be shared via EGRP's listserv; however, it is also very important for investigators to regularly check the following Web pages for new information.

For more information related to Recovery Act developments, go to:

Since the application process and requirements may vary for NIH's Recovery Act funding opportunities, please communicate with your assigned NCI Program Director to obtain updated information.

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