EGRP News Flash - August 24, 2010

Budgeting for Genomic Arrays in NIH Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced a new policy on May 13, 2010 in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts for cost principles and reimbursement for high-throughput biomedical research which requires the purchase of genomic arrays (GA). Investigators and institution budgetary officials are asked to carefully review this policy and consult with the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Office of Grants Administration and Office of Acquisitions staff as needed when preparing an application containing GAs. Post-award questions should be directed to the Grants Management Specialist identified in the Notice of Award.

What does the policy address:

The new NIH policy applies to the Facilities and Administration (F&A) rate, also known as the indirect cost rate, recovery on grants/projects in which the purchase of GAs has been proposed.

What the policy does not address and/or what will remain the same:

The policy has no impact on which direct costs are allowed. Costs associated with GAs (i.e., personnel, computers, equipment) and costs to core facilities that work with the arrays are not addressed by this policy.

Standard NCI funding policies still apply for equipment associated with GAs.

This policy will be applied prospectively to new commitments established by competing awards and by administrative supplements.

NCI staff in the Epidemiology and Genetics Research Program (EGRP), Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, the Office of Grants Administration, and /or the Office of Acquisitions are available to work with investigators and institution budgetary officials to address any questions related to this NIH policy. View the EGRP staff list.

  • Access the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts for details: NOT-OD-10-097External Web Site Policy

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