EGRP News Flash - January 31, 2011

NCI Soliciting Feedback on Provocative Questions in Cancer Research

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently launched the Provocative Questions Web siteExternal Web Site Policy to engage the cancer research community in this important initiative. The project is intended to assemble a list of novel questions that will help guide NCI and its scientific communities in efforts to control cancer through laboratory, clinical, and population sciences. The Web site allows individuals to submit questions, rank questions submitted by others, and participate in an online discussion of the initiative.

Provocative Questions are inquiries that address important problems and paradoxes in cancer research considered to have received insufficient attention, for a variety of reasons. Some may be built on older, neglected observations that have never been adequately explored; some on more recent findings that are perplexing; and some on problems that were traditionally thought to be intractable but that now might be vulnerable to attack with new methods. The questions are not intended to represent the full range of important questions that NCI and its constituencies should be studying, but they should draw attention to significant underappreciated opportunities for advancing the understanding of cancer and developing new prospects for controlling it.

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