EGRP News Flash - June 8, 2011

Call for Ideas from AACR and Melanoma Research Alliance for Translational Research

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) invite submission of ideas for translational cancer research projects that would address critical problems in melanoma, including early detection and prevention strategies for those at risk.

The ideas should be based on perceived opportunities for success, as well as high-priority areas with a critical need for rapid progress beyond current medical care. These ideas will assist the joint Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) - MRA Scientific Advisory Committee in its deliberations and selection of the Melanoma Translational Research Dream Team.

Ideas must be submitted by Monday, June 20, 2011. The SU2C-MRA Melanoma Translational Research Dream Team will be awarded a minimum of $6 million over the three-year term of the grant.

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