EGRP News Flash - July 26, 2012

Registration Open for Workshop on Birth Defects and Cancer: The Intersection of Genes and Prenatal Exposures

Registration is now open for a workshop on birth defects and cancer to be held on September 10, 2012 in Atlanta, GA. This workshop is a pre-meeting to the Clinical Oncology Group meeting on September 11-14.

Experts will present their perspectives on major facets of birth defects and cancer research. It will be the first step in highlighting opportunities and challenges in improving upon and developing new methodologies and resources to study the role of genetics, environmental exposures and gene-environment interactions in etiologies of childhood cancers and birth defects. For each topic, an expert with diverse perspectives will offer an assessment of the state of the science, main challenges, and most attractive scientific opportunities. Moderators will lead active discussions among the speakers and the participants.

One major part of the workshop will be a panel discussion by several experts, where a moderator will facilitate interactions among the panelists and the participants. The goal of this multidisciplinary panel discussion will be to clarify and prioritize the major recommendations from the workshop with regard to enhancing scientific knowledge of the nexus between birth defects and cancer, with the goal of preventing these conditions.

To learn more, or to register for the workshop, visit the workshop page. There is no registration fee for this workshop; however, due to space constraints, registration is required and will be limited to 80 participants.

EGRP's scientific contact for this workshop is Somdat Mahabir, Ph.D., M.P.H.

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