EGRP News Flash - May 1, 2012

New Blog Post on Mitochondrial Genomics and Cancer Risk

The Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP) has published a new post on the Cancer Epidemiology Matters Blog, titled "A Tale of Two Genomes: Mitochondrial Genomics and Cancer Risk." The author, Mukesh Verma, Ph.D., is Chief of EGRP's Methods and Technologies Branch.

Mitochondria play important roles in cellular energy metabolism, free radical generation, and apoptosis, and as a result, mitochondrial variations that affect these functions may contribute to the development and progression of cancer. This post reviews some of the key characteristics of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and its mutations that make this genome of interest for cancer research. It also provides examples of cancer epidemiology studies that used germline biospecimens to study mtDNA alterations and cancer risk and lists some scientific questions of interest to EGRP.

Additionally, this blog post highlights a new EGRP webpage, "Mitochondrial DNA and Cancer Epidemiology," which contains a list of relevant funding opportunities, research resources and tools, and selected publications available to investigators.

View the latest post at the Cancer Epidemiology Matters Blog.

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