EGRP News Flash - October 1, 2012

SEER Residual Tissue Repository Program Seeks Feedback

The SEER Residual Tissue Repository (RTR) program is launching a survey to collect feedback from members of the NIH intramural and extramural community who are experienced with, or who are interested in using, the SEER cancer biospecimen resource.

The RTR program provides population-based biospecimens to the greater scientific community. The number of requests for RTR biospecimens is increasing, with over 50 peer-reviewed research articles in print and new research using this resource published monthly. The feedback collected by the survey will be used to identify improvements that can be made to the program in order to enhance product quality and facilitate future service delivery.

The SEER RTR survey consists of ten short-answer questions and takes approximately five minutes to complete. It will remain open through October 31, 2012. No personal information will be collected, and any information will be kept secure to the extent provided by law. Only aggregated results will be available to the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) personnel and other working groups affiliated with the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Visit the survey page to participateExternal Web Site Policy.

View more information about SEER's RTR programExternal Web Site Policy.

Questions about the survey may be directed to the SEER RTR Work Group.

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