EGRP News Flash - October 16, 2012

EGRP Seeks Comments on Using Translational Epidemiology to Integrate Knowledge

NCI's Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP) invites your comments on its fifth published post in the strategic planning blog series for "Trends in 21st Century Epidemiology: From Scientific Discoveries to Population Health Impact," an EGRP-sponsored workshop on December 12-13, 2012. This web-based conversation will inform future directions of epidemiology with the ultimate goal of helping develop priorities and influence the next generation of high-impact studies.

Knowledge integration is an engine driving translational epidemiology by effectively using information that is generated, gathered, shared, and transformed in order to improve health. The volume and rapid evolution of information from basic, clinical, and population sciences requires knowledge to be robustly integrated in all phases of translational epidemiology in order to impact policy, practice, and further research.

This post evokes a discussion about knowledge integration with the fundamental question:

  • How can epidemiology help integrate knowledge from basic, clinical, and population sciences to accelerate translation from research to practice?

To offer your input and participate in the discussion, please visit the blog post and enter your comment(s) at the bottom of the post.

Visit the workshop to learn more.

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