EGRP News Flash - August 16, 2013

August Issue of Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program Electronic Newsletter Now Available

The August issue of the Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)'s Cancer Epidemiology Matters E-News is now available and includes the following:

  • Features
    • New Cancer Data Access System (CDAS) Includes Data from NLST and PLCO Trials
    • Prior Approval Needed to Modify Aims and Approaches in NCI-Funded Studies
    • Grant Award Renewal Funding Contingent Upon Public Access to NIH-Funded Publications
  • Selected Funding Opportunity Announcements from NIH and Other Organizations
    • SAGE Bionetworks/DREAM Challenge: Breast Cancer Network Inference Challenge, Toxicogenetics Challenge, and Whole-Cell Parameter Estimation Challenge
    • DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program: Health Disparity Research Award and Population Science Impact Award
    • Collaborative Research Infrastructure to Develop Research Strategies to Identify Potential Therapeutic Targets Based on Genetic Factors Influencing Human Life Span and Health Span (U24)
    • Centers of Excellence for Big Data Computing in the Biomedical Sciences (U54)
    • Research on the Role of Epigenetics in Social, Behavioral, Environmental, and Biological Relationships throughout the Life-Span and Across Generations (R21)
    • National Library of Medicine Administrative Supplements for Informationist Services in NIH-Funded Research Projects
    • Bridging the Gap Between Cancer Mechanism and Population Science (U01)
    • Research Project Grant (Parent R01)
  • Request for Information
    • Request for Information (RFI): Input on Development of Analysis Methods and Software for Big Data
  • NIH Grants Policy Announcements
    • NIH to Require Use of Updated Electronic Application Forms
    • Now Available: PHS 398 Application Forms and Instructions for Application Due Dates on or after September 25, 2013, and Updated Application Guides for Electronic Application Forms
  • Job Opportunities
    • Program Director, Cancer Epidemiology Cohort and Consortia Coordination
    • Program Director, Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Branch
    • Cancer Research Training Award Fellow, Cancer Epidemiology Cohort and Consortia Coordination
    • Cancer Research Training Award Fellow, Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Branch
  • Upcoming Webinars, Seminars, and Conferences
    • Webinar: New Developments in the Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey, Sept. 17
    • Radiogenomics Consortium Annual Meeting, Oct. 16-17
    • NIH Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer Annual Meeting, Oct. 28-30
    • 2013 NCI Cohort Consortium Annual Meeting, Nov. 18-19
  • New Cancer Epidemiology Matters Blog Post
    • Is Integrative Cancer Epidemiology the Next-Gen of Epidemiology?

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