Breakthrough Generations Study

Lead Contacts and/or Principal Investigators (PIs):

Funded Since: 2003
Funding Source: Breakthrough Breast Cancer and The Institute of Cancer Research, University of London
Year(s) of Enrollment: 2003-ongoing
Study Website: Web Site Policy

The Breakthrough Generations Study is a long-term cohort study of more than 110,000 women aged 16 years and older from the general population of the United Kingdom. Detailed questionnaire information is gathered at recruitment about factors that might relate to breast cancer risk or protection. Blood samples have been collected from more than 90 percent of cohort members. Follow-up rounds are designed to occur every 2½ years, with the intention to continue to collect data for the next 40 years or longer.

While the study focuses particularly on the etiology of breast cancer, the data that are collected will also allow analyses of the etiology of other cancers and causes of death.

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