Janus Serum Bank

Lead Contacts and/or Principal Investigators (PI):

Funded Since: 1973
Funding Source: The Norwegian Cancer Society; funded by the Norwegian government since January 1, 2005
Year(s) of Enrollment: 1972-2012
Study Website: http://www.kreftregisteret.no/en/Research/Janus-Serum-Bank/External Web Site Policy

The Janus Serum bank was established in order to collect and store blood samples from presumably healthy individuals for future use in cancer research. The intention was to obtain information on factors important in the pathogenesis and etiology of cancer by examining blood samples obtained during the preclinical stage or latent period before the tumor has developed.

The main part of the cohort (90%) is from nationwide health examination surveys in Norway, and from blood donors (10%) in and around Oslo. The Janus cohort consists of samples from men and women, and the vials are stored at -25°C. Today, samples are only collected from earlier donors in the Janus Serum Bank who have developed cancer. Several studies have been done to test for stability of various hormones and proteins over time. Information on smoking and other covariates can be linked to the cohort.

The Janus repository consists of 674,386 vials from 452,376 blood draws among 316,951 donors. Annual linkages are conducted with the Cancer Registry of Norway. By the end of 2009, about 52,500 donors had been diagnosed with cancer.

The Bank is internationally unique regarding size and number of cancer cases. The long follow-up, the large number of cancer cases and the close interface to the Cancer Registry of Norway make the Janus Biobank a unique sample collection for cancer research.

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