Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study

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Principal Investigators (PIs):

Funded Since: 1985
Funding Source: Various national and international foundations and Umeå University Hospital
Year(s) of Enrollment: 1985-ongoing

The Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study (NSHDS) consists of three subcohorts: the Västerbotten Intervention Programme (VIP) cohort, the Monitoring Trends and Determinants in Cardiovascular Disease (MONICA) cohort, and the mammary (mammography) screening cohort. The VIP and MONICA cohorts have been used for cardiovascular and diabetes studies.

The VIP is a long-term project intended for health promotion of the population of the county of Västerbotten (approximately 254,000 inhabitants). All individuals 40, 50, and 60 years of age in the county are invited for screening. They are asked to complete a questionnaire concerning various lifestyle factors, including diet, and to donate a blood sample to be frozen for later research purposes.

By June 2006, the VIP cohort comprised 94,630 sampling occasions from 74,690 unique individuals who were 40, 50 and 60 years old. Since 1995, blood samples have been collected for the Mammary Screening Program and added to the VIP cohort. Repeated screening began in 1997 within the Mammary Screening Program with periodic repeated blood sampling in the 50 to 69 age group. Additionally, from the MONICA cohort, 11,000 random blood samples from 7,500 individuals ranging in age from 25 to 64 have been included. All cohorts are population-based, and altogether the three cohorts consist of about 166,000 randomly selected men and women.

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