Li-Fraumeni Exploration Consortium (LiFE)

Since 2010
NIH Contacts

Lead Investigators:

David Malkin, M.D.
University of Toronto

Judy Garber, M.D., M.P.H.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Louise Strong, M.D.
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Pierre Hainaut, Ph.D.
International Agency for Research on Cancer

Maria Isabel Achatz, M.D., Ph.D.
Hospital A.C. Carmargo-Fundação Antonio Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil

Key to Acronyms Used in Tables

  • EGRP - Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program
  • CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • DCB - Division of Cancer Biology
  • DCEG - Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics
  • NCI - National Cancer Institute
  • NHGRI - National Human Genome Research Institute
  • NIEHS - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • NIGMS - National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • NIH - National Institutes of Health
  • OCS - Office of Cancer Survivorship
  • OD - Office of the Director

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