Figure 2. Distribution of Fiber Intake (grams) across Food Sources, U.S. Children & Adolescents (2-18 years)

Pie chart showing what percentages of grams of fiber intake certain foods represent.

Food Percentage Contribution
Other 35%
Yeast breads 8%
Mexican mixed dishes 7%
Pasta and pasta dishes 7%
Pizza 6%
Ready-to-eat-cereals 6%
Grain-based desserts 5%
Fried white potatoes 5%
Potato/corn/other chips 5%
Apples and pears 4%
Beans 3%
Chicken and chicken mixed dishes 3%
Nuts/seeds and nut/seed mixed dishes 2%
Bananas 2%
Dairy desserts 2%

The "Other" category includes many specific foods that each contribute less than 2% of dietary fiber.
Data source: NHANES 2005-06

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