Figure 2: Lasagna 100g.

Ingredients Food Groups/Subgroups
0.38 oz eq. Meat 3.96 oz eq. Solid Fats 0.32 cup eq. Dairy 0.02 cup eq. Other Vegetables 0.15 cup eq. Red/Orange Vegetables 0.2 tsp eq. Added Sugars 0.60 oz eq. Whole Grains
Lean Ground Beef X X          
Ricotta Cheese   X X        
Mozzarella Cheese   X X        
Parmesan Cheese   X X        
Onions       X      
Canned Tomatoes         X    
Sugar           X  
Whole Wheat Noodles             X

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Figure 3: Example of Food Linkage from Reported Intakes. The intakes could be reported on a 24-hour recall or food record or derived from FFQ line items. Once the intakes are assigned to a food code, they can be linked to nutrients and food consumption amounts for use in HEI scoring.

Dietary Assessment Nutrient & Food Group Mapping
(per 100g)
Convert to Serving Size Consumed Sum Across Foods
1 Banana
Medium (118 g)
Banana, Raw

89 kcal*
1 mg sodium*
0.11 g SFA*
0.03 g MUFA*
0.07 g PUFA*
Other Fruit 0.67 c eq**
Banana x 118/100:

Energy: 105 kcal
Sodium: 1 mg
SFA: 0.13 g
MUFA: 0.04 g
PUFA: 0.09 g
Other Fruit: 0.79 c eq

Energy: 502 kcal

Sodium: 1005 mg

SFA: 8.07 g

MUFA: 5.31 g

PUFA: 1.57 g

Other Fruit: 0.79 c eq

Total Veg.: 1.0 c eq

Whole Grains: 1.5 oz eq

Dairy: 0.8 c eq

Protein: 0.95 oz eq

Added Sugars: 0.5 tsp
Lasagna with Meat, Whole Wheat Pasta
1 cup (250 g)
Lasagna, Meat, Whole Grain

146 kcal*
320 mg sodium*
3.03 g SFA*
1.91 g MUFA*
0.28 g PUFA*
Total Veg. 0.17 c eq**
Wh. Grains 0.67 oz eq**
Total Dairy 0.32 c eq**
Protein Foods 0.38 oz eq**
Added Sugars 0.2 tsp**
Lasagna x 250/100:

Energy: 365 kcal
Sodium: 800 mg
SFA: 7.58 g
MUFA: 4.79 g
PUFA: 0.69 g
Total Veg: 0.43 c eq
Wh. Grain: 1.5 oz eq
Dairy: 0.8 c eq
Protein: 0.95 oz eq
Added Sugars: 0.5 tsp
Green Beans, Canned
1/2 cup (79 g)
Green Beans Canned, Fat NS

40 kcal*
258 mg sodium*
0.45 g SFA*
0.60 g MUFA*
1.00 g PUFA*
Total Veg. 0.74 c eq**
Green Beans x 79/100:

Energy: 32 kcal
Sodium: 204 mg
SFA: 0.36 g
MUFA: 0.48 g
PUFA: 0.79 g
Total Veg: 0.58 c eq

*Nutrient data from FNDDS
**Food group data from FPED

Note: There are other dietary constituents relevant to the HEI-2015 that are not included here because they are not in the three sample foods. The HEI-2015 includes 13 components (Total Fruit, Whole Fruit, Total Vegetables, Greens & Beans, Whole Grains, Total Protein Foods, Seafood and Plant Proteins, Dairy, Fatty Acid Ratio, Refined Grains, Sodium, Saturated Fats, Added Sugars). Some constituents of foods will need to be summed to create the component variables to calculate the HEI. For example, Total Protein Foods is calculated by summing together all animal and plant proteins, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, soy, and legumes.

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