April 2020 Cancer Epidemiology Matters E-News

Cancer Epidemiology Matters E-News

NCI and NIH COVID-19 Resources for Applicants and Grantees

NIH is deeply concerned for the health and safety of people involved in NIH-supported research, and about the effects on the biomedical enterprise in areas affected by the HHS declared public health emergency for COVID-19. Due to the exceptional impact, we want to assure the research community that we will do our part to help you continue your research.

You already may be receiving information from many sources. In an effort to avoid duplication, we offer three action steps for you to stay updated on guidance and information as it becomes available.

  1. Bookmark these webpages on Information for NIH Applicants and Recipients of NIH FundingExternal Web Site Policy and Coronavirus: Guidance for Cancer Researchers and check back often for updates on NIH and NCI guidance, FAQs, and resources.
  2. Watch this video of Dr. Mike LauerExternal Web Site Policy, NIH Deputy Director for Extramural Research, as he updates applicants and recipients of federal funding on how NIH is supporting them and their research through the disruptions caused by COVID-19.
  3. Join the NIH Extramural Nexus listserv and follow @NIHgrantsExternal Web Site Policy on Twitter for news, updates, and blog posts on extramural grant policies, processes, events, and resources. If you don’t already, subscribe to EGRP's Cancer Epidemiology Matters E-News and follow @NCIEpi on TwitterExternal Web Site Policy.

Below is a compilation of NCI and NIH grants policy notices, funding announcements, blog posts, and research resources published over the past month related to COVID-19 that may be of interest.

Grants Policy Notices

  • Revised and Corrected Notice on Policy Regarding Minimum Level of Effort for NCI-Funded Awards (NOT-CA-20-047)

Funding Opportunities & NOSIs

  • Utilizing Cohort Studies to Address Health Outcomes in Cancer Survivors (UG3/UH3, Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
  • Research to Reduce Morbidity and Improve Care for Pediatric, and Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survivors (R01 & R21, Clinical Trial Optional)
    *Note: There will be a pre-application webinar on May 12, 2020. See NOT-CA-20-050
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Short-Term Institutional Research Training Grant (Parent T35)
  • Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Conduct Global Cancer Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (D43, Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
  • NOSI: Administrative Supplements for Development of Risk-Stratified Cancer Survivorship Care Algorithms (NOT-CA-20-038)
    *Note: View recording, slides, and frequently asked questions from pre-application webinar held on April 7, 2020.
  • NOSI: Availability of Administrative Supplements for Research in Geographically Underserved Areas (NOT-CA-20-035)
  • NOSI: Alcohol and Cancer Control (NOT-CA-20-034)
  • NOSI: Administrative Supplement Opportunity to Stimulate or Strengthen Global Cancer Health Disparities Research (NOT-CA-20-032)
  • NOSI: Administrative Supplements for the Use of Existing Body Composition Data to Understand Treatment-Related Outcomes in Clinical Trials and Observational Studies (NOT-CA-20-036)
  • NOSI: Administrative Supplements for Understanding Aging Trajectories Among Cancer Survivors (NOT-CA-20-037)
  • NOSI: Administrative Supplements for Exploring the Intersection of Tobacco and Alcohol Use Behaviors for Cancer Control (NOT-CA-20-039)
  • NOSI: Research to Improve the Interpretation of Patient-Reported Outcomes at the Individual Patient Level for Use in Clinical Practice (NOT-OD-20-079)
  • NOSI: Administrative Supplements for Cohort Consortium Projects (NOT-CA-20-030)
  • NOSI: Advancing Cancer Data Repositories and Knowledgebases (NOT-CA-20-45)
  • Notice of Change to the First Receipt Date of RFA-CA-20-004 and RFA-CA-20-005, "Research Answers to National Cancer Institute's Provocative Questions (R01/R21 Clinical Trial Optional" (NOT-CA-20-051)

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