Dietary Screener Questionnaire (DSQ) in the NHANES 2009-10: Computed Variables for Earlier Methods

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NOTE: The dietary variables provided here are in their natural units. For most analyses, however, they must be transformed first, to approximate normal distributions. For fruits and vegetables, dairy, added sugars from sugar sweetened beverages, and whole grains, use the square-root transformation; for added sugars, use the cube-root transformation; for fiber and calcium, use the quarter-root transformation. After analyses, the result variables can be back-transformed for easier interpretation.

The computed diet variables for the Dietary Screener Questionnaire in NHANES 2009-10 are available for download in two formats -- SAS transport and comma-separated values (CSV). The files include the following variables:

  • SEQN - Unique individual identifier
  • predfib - Predicted fiber (gm) per day
  • predcalc - Predicted calcium (mg) per day
  • predsug - Predicted added sugars (tsp) per day
  • predsugnc - Predicted added sugars (tsp) per day, not using cereal
  • predwhgr - Predicted ounce equivalents of whole grains per day
  • preddairy - Predicted cup equivalents of dairy per day
  • predfvl - Predicted cup equivalents of fruits and vegetables (including legumes) per day
  • predfvlnf - Predicted cup equivalents of fruits and vegetables (including legumes) except French fries per day
  • predssb - Predicted added sugars (tsp) from sugar-sweetened beverages

The datasets are sorted in ascending order by the ID variable SEQN.

  • Comma-separated Values File [ZIP - 446 KB]
    This zip file contains the comma-separated values file, which includes 10 variables, 8,541 records, and an additional record for the variable names.
  • SAS Transport File [SAS - 896 KB]
    The SAS transport file includes 8,541 records and 10 variables. To access the SAS dataset, unzip the file, then use proc cimport.
    For example:
    proc cimport file='nh0910.dietvars.?.v9x' data=dietvars;
  • SAS Program [SAS - 18 KB]
    This is the SAS program that created the dataset. This is for reference, only; there should be no need to run this program.
  • Supplement Excel Files [ZIP - 37 KB]
    This zip file contains 3 Excel files that are required to run the SAS program.

Note that 680 respondents did not answer the DSQ. When one or more values is missing in the estimation of the computed diet variable, that value for that variable will also be missing.

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Updated methods are available and preferred. View the current methods.