Table 13. Estimated Regression Coefficients for Foods as Predictors of Square Root of Ounce-Equivalents of Whole Grains by Sex

For MyPyramid ounce-equivalents of whole grains, estimation of b0 and b1...b9, the model is:

E ([Whole Grains].50) = b0+ b1NFG1P1 + b2NFG2P2 + ... + b9 NFG9P9

For MyPyramid ounce-equivalents of whole grains, for each sex, the estimates of the parameters are:

Parameter Men Women
Intercept (b0) 0.266412 0.262635
Hot cereals: no whole grain (b1) -0.000254 -0.000084
Hot cereals: any whole grain (b2) 0.004534 0.005142
Cold cereals: no whole grain (b3) -0.001101 -0.001681
Cold cereals: 2nd quartile whole grain (b4) 0.011122 0.010002
Cold cereals: 3rd quartile whole grain (b5) 0.012334 0.013282
Cold cereals: 4th quartile whole grain (b6) 0.016685 0.018480
Brown rice (b7) 0.008077 0.005883
Whole grain bread (b8) 0.010057 0.010776
Popcorn (b9) 0.017884 0.022795

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