Historical Physical Activity Survey - 1988

In: Kriska AM, Sandler RB, Cauley JA, LaPorte RE, Hom DL, Pambianco G. The assessment of historical physical activity and its relation to adult bone parameters. Am J Epidemiol 1988 May;127(5):1053-63.

  1. How many miles did you normally walk each day...
      Under 1 mile 1-2 miles 3-5 miles Greater than 5 miles
    Back and forth to grade school?        
    Back and forth to high school and college?        
    Back and forth to work during your 20s and 30s?        
    your 40s?        
    Remember: 12 blocks or 20 minutes of brisk walking is equivalent to approximately 1 mile.
  2. Please indicated in the first section below all activities you have ever participated in with any regularity by placing a check in the YES column next to the activity. Fro each activity that you have identified participation , go across the entire row and answer for each time period: 1) the number of years you performed the activity out of the total number of years I that time period; 2) the average number of months per year you participated; 3) the average number of hours per month. If no regular participation in the activity in a particular time period, please indicate this by drawing a line through that time period.
      Participate regularly?
    Yes No
    Age period 14-21
    (8 years total)
    If yes, number of
    Yrs Mo/yr Hrs/mo
    Age period 23-34
    (8 years total)
    If yes, number of
    Yrs Mo/yr Hrs/mo
    Age period 35-50
    (8 years total)
    If yes, number of
    Yrs Mo/yr Hrs/mo

    If yes, number of
    Yrs Mo/yr Hrs/mo
    Walking for exercise          


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