Postmenopausal Osteopenia PAQ

In: Suleiman S, Nelson M. Validation in London of a physical activity questionnaire for use in a study of postmenopausal osteopaenia. J Epidemiol Community Health 1997 Aug;51(4):365-72.


Working life

The following are questions about your activity NOW. Please answer as accurately as you can by putting a ring around the answers that apply best to you, or by entering the time spent in each activity.

1c. At work, roughly how many HOURS PER WEEK do you spend:
Walking ____

Include time spent in lunch and tea breaks and exclude time spent on the journey to and from work. Please make sure that the total hours of activity add up to the total number of hours worked.

1d. On your way TO AND FROM WORK (the round trip), how long do you spend per week:
Walking _____ minutes per week Cycling _____ minutes per week

Leisure time activities

Think about how many times you go out during the week (including weekends) -- activities such as taking children to school, walking the dog, visiting friends, shopping trips, etc. Exclude the journey to work, any other trips already mentioned, and walking or cycling for pleasure.

  • How long do you spend walking in an average week? ____ hours per week
  • How long do you spend cycling in an average week? ____ hours per week


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