Seven-day Physical Activity Recall (PAR) - Used in Five City Project

In: Pereira MA, FitzGerald SJ, Gregg EW, Joswiak ML, Ryan WJ, Suminski RR, Utter AC, Zmuda JM. A collection of Physical Activity Questionnaires for health-related research. Med Sci Sports Exerc 1997 Jun;29(6 Suppl):S1-205.

No specific walking related questions in this interviewer administered questionnaire. The interviewer is instructed that if an activity seems to be about as strenuous to that individual as walking at a normal pace, then the activity should be coded as moderate. The Interviewer needs to be sensitive to walking." Although people walk many times during the day, not all walks are counted. For example: we do not want to add up each time a person walks to the refrigerator. The specific rule for walking is that only walks of 5 min or longer are considered; count, then only walks of a 5 min duration. However, that 5 min bout of walking can only be counted if another 5 min bout occurs in the same segment of the day in the same intensity category. For any activity to be counted, it must add up to at least 10 min in one intensity category for one segment of the day.

The following walking related instructions are provided by the interviewer in the SDPAR:

I am going to ask you about eh physical activities your engaged in during the past 7 days, starting with yesterday going back 7 days. In doing so please remember this is a recall of actual activities for the past week not a history of what you usually do

We are not considering light activities such as desk work, standing, light housework, softball, and bowling. We are considering occupational, household recreational and sports activities that make you feel similar to how you feel when you are walking at a normal pace. For example, slow stop and go walking such as window shopping is not included. However, walking at a normal pace to do an errand is included.

I will ask you to categorize the intensity of each physical activity you do into one of three groups, moderate, hard or very hard:

  • The moderate category is similar to how you feel when you're walking at a normal pace.


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