The Physical Activity at Home and Work Instrument - PAHWI

We would like to know how much you walk and lift at home and work during the space of a week. Choose the alternatives that best correspond to your working tests during the past month and give the number of hours you have devoted to these activities.

  1. Work at home
    1. Light domestic work including standing and walking, such as cooking, ironing and picking things up hours a week.
  2. Workplace
    1. Light yet flexible work. You have a light job, during which you walk and stand quite a lot, include working as a nurse, in a shop, doing light industrial work hours a week.
    2. You have a fairly strenuous job, including walking, climbing stairs, heavy lifting or more than 3 kg, such as nursing or service, work, postman hours a week.


About This Database

You are browsing a database of standardized questionnaires that ask about respondents' walking and bicycling habits.

The survey on this page is presented for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be filled out by visitors to this Web site.

The Applied Research Program maintains this database, but, except where noted, did not create and does not maintain the questionnaires themselves. For more information about a specific questionnaire, please contact its author(s). When possible, we cite the source of each questionnaire near the top of the page.

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