Two Question Physical Activity Assessment

In: Smith BJ, Marshall AL, Huang N. Screening for physical activity in family practice: evaluation of two brief assessment tools. Am J Prev Med 2005 Nov;29(4):256-64. Erratum in: Am J Prev Med. 2006 Apr;30(4):363.

  1. How many times a week do you usually do 20 minutes or more of vigorous-intensity physical activity that makes you sweat or puff and pant? (e.g., heavy lifting, digging, jogging, aerobics, or fast bicycling?).

    3 or more times a week 1 to 2 times a week none

  2. How many times a week do you usually do 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity or walking that increases your heart rate or makes you breathe harder than normal? (e.g., carrying light loads, bicycling at a regular pace, or doubles tennis).

    5 or more times a week 3-4 times a week 1-2 times a week none


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