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Use this interface to search through all the physical activity-related questions in our database. See below for some tips on how to search. If you have any comments concerning this database, please e-mail David Berrigan.

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Search Tips

  1. For each field above, select the values that you want to search for.
    • Click on a value to select it.
    • To select multiple values in a single field, or to remove previously selected values, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on them.
  2. Your search results will contain all questions in the database that have one of the values you selected for each field.
    • Questions must match in all of the fields for which you selected any values. For example, suppose you select one or more Purposes, and one or more Distance Units. Your results will only include questions that have one of those Purposes and one of those Distance Units. Questions that match one of your Purposes but not one of your Distance Units, or vice versa, will not be included.
  3. If you don't select any values for a field, questions will be included in your search results regardless of the contents of that field.
    • This is not necessarily the same as selecting all values for a field. If you select all values, questions must have some value in that field in order to be included. If you select no values, questions will be included even if that field is blank.
  4. To search by survey name, type a word or phrase from the name of the survey you're looking for. Capitalization is not important.

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