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ModeSurvey NameQuestion #Brief DescriptionScreenerIntervalUnit of ActivityDuration of ActivityDistance UnitsPurposeUsed as transport to/from:Survey has Log or DiaryInternational / DomesticComments
WalkHistorical PA Survey4dActivities you participated in with any regularity: number of hours per month walking for exercise (at various age periods) Month Hr. Exer.  DTime and Age Periods:Yrs; Mo/yr; Hrs/mo Ages: 14-21; 23-34; 35-50; 50+
WalkKIHD 12 Month Leisure-time PA History1bWhat duration per month: walking on work trips? Month Hr./Min. Occup.  IIntensity class (0-3)
WalkKIHD 12 Month Leisure-time PA History2bWhat duration per month :conditioning walking ? Month Hr./Min. Exer.  IIntensity class (0-3)

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