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ModeSurvey NameQuestion #Brief DescriptionScreenerIntervalUnit of ActivityDuration of ActivityDistance UnitsPurposeUsed as transport to/from:Survey has Log or DiaryInternational / DomesticComments
WalkAinsworth New PAQ and PA LogPAQ1Last week did you walk continuously for at least 10 min for recreation, exercise or to get to and from places?Y/NWeek Min. Lei./Trans./Exer.  D 
WalkAllied Dunbar Survey of Activity and Health12In the last week, have you done any shorter walks which lasted at least 5 minutes?Y/NWeek Min.    I 
WalkBehavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Historical Questions4_2In a usual week, do you walk for at least 10 minutes at a time for recreation, exercise.....Y/NWeek Min. All  D 
WalkBehavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Historical Questions4_3How many days per week do you walk for at least 10 minutes at a time? WeekDaysMin. All  D 
WalkPostmenopausal Osteopenia PAQ1d1On your way to and from work, how long do you spend per week walking? Week Min. Trans.Work I 
WalkZutphen PAQ3How long did such a walk last? (walk during the last week) Week Min.    I 
WalkCalifornia Health Interview Survey 2005A05_C1 During the past seven days, did you walk for at least ten minutes at a time to get some place such as work, school, a store, or restaurant?Y/NWeek Min. Trans.Work/School/Store/Restaurant D 

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