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ModeSurvey NameQuestion #Brief DescriptionScreenerIntervalUnit of ActivityDuration of ActivityDistance UnitsPurposeUsed as transport to/from:Survey has Log or DiaryInternational / DomesticComments
Walk/BikeEPIC PAQ3bHow many hours per week in total did you practice such vigorous physical activities? (Walking/Biking) Week Hr. Exer.  I 
Walk/BikeThe Family Breast and Ovarian Cancer Studyb Moderate Exercise: How often did you participate in moderate activities? (Brisk walking, cycling) Please estimate the average amount of time each week. Week Hr. Exer.  DVarious age categories doing life time
Walk/BikeThe Brunel Lifestyle Physical Activity Questionnairea4If you add together each session of pre-planned physical activity that you engage in during a normal week, how much time would you estimate that you spend in total?  Week Hr.    D 
Walk/BikeThe Physical Activity Questionnaire for Elderly Japanese (PAQ-EJ)2On average, how many hours per day did you spend walking or cycling for these reasons? Week Hr./Min. Trans.  I 
Walk/BikeSchool Health Action, Planning and Evaluation System (SHAPES) PAQ PA LOGMark how many minutes of MODERATE physical activity (lower intensity activities such as walking, biking to school) you did in the last 7 days. This includes physical activity during physical education class, lunch, recess, after school, evenings, and spare time.  WeekDaysHr./Min.    D 

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