Validation Studies of the Walking Adherence Questionnaire

Konradi and Lyon 2000

See reference #67

Relationship of questionnaire designed to measure adherence to walking regime and walking survey book and walking for exercise log book. (Total adherence scores: actual walking behaviors/intended walking behaviors, i.e. miles or minutes or days walked)
68 female 34 male; age 18 years or older.
Summary Results
  Range M SD
TAS-Miles 0-1.54 0.79 0.32
TAS-Minutes 0-1.55 0.86 0.30
TAS-All 0-1.55 0.83 0.29

TAS-Miles= total adherence scores for persons reporting miles walked
TAS-Minutes= total adherence scores for persons reporting minutes walked
TAS-All= total adherence scores for entire sample

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