Validation Studies of the Leisure Time Physical Activity Instrument (LTPAI) and Physical Activity at Home and Work Instrument (PAHWI)

Mannerkorpi and Hernelid 2005

See reference #96

LTPAI compared with an instrument measuring physical activities (PAI) for older people, six-minute walk test and aerobic capacity (AC) (Spearman’s correlation)
PAHWI evaluated for test-retest reliability (Intraclass corr. coef. ICC)
37 women with fibromyalgia, mean age 46 years (SD 8.4)
Summary Results
  PAI 6 min walk AC
LTPAI 0.39* 0.40* -0.27

* p = 0.02

PAHWI (ICC=0.91, CI 0.82 - 9.96)

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