Validation Studies of the CHAMPS Physical Activity Questionnaire

Giles and Marshall 2009

See reference #122

Relation between the CHAMPS physical activity questionnaire walking and total activity data (for sessions and MET-min/wk) completed twice, approximately two weeks apart and 7 days of pedometry step counts (Spearman correlation coefficients)
47 adults (38% male); 65-74 years of age
Summary Results
Comparison of CHAMPS T1 and T2 physical activity data (walking and total activity) and pedometer step counts activity
Activity CHAMPS T1 - Spearman rho CHAMPS T2 - Spearman rho
Walking frequency/wk 0.57* 0.60*
Walking MET-min/wk 0.40* 0.53*
aHEPA frequency/wk 0.52* 0.52*
HEPA MET-min/wk 0.21 0.38*

* Significant p < 0.01.
aHEPA = brisk walking and moderate- and vigorous-intensity activities from the planned activity and transport domains

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