Validation Studies of the Active Australia Survey (AAS)

Heesch et al. 2011

See reference #124

Relation between The Active Australia Survey (AAS) daily walking minutes and total physical activity (PA) minutes (walking, moderate-intensity PA and vigorous-intensity PA), and pedometer step counts, physical function from Short Form-36 (SF-36) and a step test (Spearman rank-order correlations)
53 community-dwelling adults with the ability to walk 100 meters; 65–89 years of age
Summary Results
Correlations between minutes of physical activity, as recorded with the Active Australia Survey, and scores on validation measures
Validation measures Active Australia Survey, daily minutes
Rho (p-value)
Moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity
Rho (p-value)
Total physical activity
Rho (p-value)
Daily pedometer counts 0.42 (0.003) 0.31 (0.03) 0.42 (0.003)
SF-36 physical function 0.15 (0.29) 0.44 (0.001) 0.39 (0.004)
STTime (seconds) −0.11 (0.44) −0.29 (0.04) −0.25 (0.08)

SF-36 = Short Form-36
ST = Step Test

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