Validation Studies of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)

van der Ploeg et al. 2010

See reference #125

Relation between IPAQ estimates of total time walked per week and a CSA accelerometer worn for 7 consecutive days as an objective measure of time per week spent in moderate-intensity physical activity (Spearman correlation coefficients)
3 Validity samples totaling 728 Individuals, who reported no other moderate-intensity activity besides walking on 3 different versions of the IPAQ; mean age 34 ± 11 to 40 ± 13 years.
Summary Results
  IPAQ short version 7-day telephone recall IPAQ short version 7-day self-administered recall IPAQ short version usual week self-administered
N r N r N r
Criterion validity walking only (reported no other moderate PA) 26 0.18 137 0.39 84 0.26
Criterion validity walking + moderate PA 62 0.19 364 0.24 181 0.04

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