Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project Timeline (Past Initiative)

The information on this page is archived and provided for reference purposes only.

Funding period: Aug. 1995 - July 1999. Major findings reported: 2002.

Funding period: Sept. 1994 - Sept. 1995. Pilot research for Dr. Gammon's study; findings reported under her research project.

Gammon (follow-up study):
Funding period: Aug. 2001 - July 2007.

Funding period: Sept. 1993 - Sept. 1999. Major findings reported:2003.

Stellman #1 (Epi of Breast Cancer):
Funding period June 1999 - May 2001. Findings reported: 2000.

Stellman #2 (Serum Organochlorine):
Funding period: Sept. 1996 - Sept. 1997. Major findings reported: 1998 and 2003.

Funding period: Dec. 1994 - Sept. 1998. Findings reported: 1999-2001.

Funding period: July 1994 - April 1999. Major findings reported: 2003.

Funding period: Sept. 1995 - Sept. 1999. The Registry is a research resource; findings not expected.

Supplemental funding to a grant with funding period: May 1995 - June 1998. Findings reported: 1996.

Freudenheim (O'Leary):
Funding period: Sept. 1994 - Sept. 1995. Findings reported: 2004.

Funding period: March 1994 - Dec. 1997. Findings reported: 1997.

Funding period: Sept. 1994 - Aug. 1995. Findings reported: 1995.

Kulldorff (NCI intramural research):
Findings reported: 1997.

Sturgeon (NCI intramural research):
Study period: 1997-2000. Findings reported: 2003.

Edwards (NCI intramural research):
Study period: 1995-1996. Findings reported 1996.

Brookhaven (Interagency Agreement):
Funding period: July 1994 - July 1995. Findings reported: 1995.

AverStar, Inc./Titan Systems/L3 Titan Communication (for the Geographic Information System for Breast Cancer Studies on Long Island (LI GIS)):
Funding began in May 1999 through a series of contracts with the above companies through September 2007. (Name changes were due to company mergers.) Beginning in September 2007, funding to maintain the LI GIS continues through Information Management Services, Inc. (IMS), which is one of NCI's internal support services contactors.

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The information on this page is archived and provided for reference purposes only.