Medicines Monitoring Unit (MEMO)


MEMO is a University of Dundee (Scotland)-based research collaboration that focuses on the safe, effective, and cost-effective use of medicines and devices and on understanding disease. Over the last 10 years, MEMO has become a major European/Global Academic Centre undertaking retrospective and prospective outcomes research. Data mainly are from the Tayside population of 400,000; linkage to national datasets also is possible. Data may be accessed by those with registered access rights by virtue of employment with the University of Dundee or by other agreement with the University and MEMO. It is unclear whether this database contains cancer-related outcomes or allows access to the data outside the research collaboration.

Selected References

Cost/Cost Effectiveness

Knill-Jones RP, McMahon A, MacDonald TM. Identifying a high cost sub-population taking NSAIDs in Tayside. Gut. 1998;42(Suppl):TF278.

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