The Health Improvement Network (THIN)


The Health Improvement Network (THIN) is a collaboration between Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD) EPIC, an expert in the provision of UK primary care patient data that is used for medical research, and In Practice Systems (InPS), who continue to develop and supply the widely-used Vision general practice computer system.

The anonymised patient data are collected from the practice's Vision clinical system on a regular basis and sent to CSD EPIC who supplies the THIN data to researchers for studies.

THIN data currently contains the electronic medical records of 6.9 million patients collected from the clinical systems of over 385 general practices in the UK. All data are fully anonymised, processed and validated by CSD EPIC to give researchers access to the medical profiles of over 2.9 million active patients and over 40 million person-years of data. Socioeconomic indicators are also linked to medical records and anonymized text comments are included.

The data are used for research in a number of study areas such as epidemiology, drug safety, health economics, health outcomes, and drug utilization. In addition to providing access to THIN data, CSD EPIC develops and defines datasets, designs research protocols, and advises companies in methodology, report writing and publication. They also offer additional data access, which provide unique opportunities for further patient research and follow-up.

CSD EPIC is a division of CSD Medical Research with access to multi-country longitudinal patient data and expertise.

Cancer Studies

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