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For information about the privacy and security policy as it applies to the EGRP website, please read the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Privacy and Security Policy.

Social Media Tools/Third-party Websites

Social media tools, third-party websites, and third-party applications are web-based technologies that are not exclusively operated or controlled by EGRP. These include applications hosted on other non-government sites, as well as embedded or external links on an EGRP web page.

As part of the Open Government Directive, EGRP uses a variety of new technologies and social media tools to communicate and interact with our audiences. Use of some of these applications could cause personally identifiable information (PII) to become available or accessible to EGRP, regardless of whether EGRP solicits or collects it. The table below lists the websites and applications we use. If any of these sites or applications collects PII, we describe what is collected and how EGRP protects the information.

Social Media Tools /
Third-Party Website
How It Works

EGRP uses Twitter to send short messages (up to 140 characters) or "Tweets" to share information about EGRP with our audiences and respond to comments and inquiries sent via Twitter to EGRP. While users may read the EGRP Twitter feed without subscribing to it, users who want to subscribe to (or follow) the EGRP Twitter feed must create a Twitter account at

To create an account, you must provide some personal information, such as name, user name, password, and email address. You have the option to provide additional personal information including a short biography, location, or a picture. Most information you provide for a Twitter account is available to the public, but you can modify how much of your information is visible by changing your privacy settings at the website.

EGRP staff members monitor the number of subscribers and respond to comments and queries via Twitter, but the staff never uses the personal information of their Twitter followers. EGRP does not collect, maintain, disclose, or share any information about people who follow EGRP on Twitter. (See Twitter Privacy PolicyExternal Web Site Policy.)

Constant Contact

EGRP uses Constant Contact to support the Cancer Epidemiology Matters E-News. This electronic newsletter informs subscribers about scientific opportunities, initiatives, and advancements, along with relevant research resources, funding opportunities, grantsmanship resources, scientific meetings and webinars, and employment opportunities.

The Constant Contact system is not government-owned or government-operated. EGRP staff members monitor the number of subscribers and respond to comments and queries via Constant Contact, but the staff only use name and email address to communicate with subscribers. By using the third-party system to communicate with EGRP, individuals may be providing nongovernmental third-parties with access to personally identifiable information. EGRP does not collect, maintain, disclose, or share any personal information about people on Constant Contact (See Constant Contact Privacy PolicyExternal Web Site Policy).

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