Adventist Health Study-2

Contact: Gary E. Fraser, M.D.

Study Website: http://adventisthealthstudy.orgExternal Web Site Policy

Number of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: About 2,000 (self-reported) at baseline and about 3,500 incident cases since enrolling 2002-2007
Years of Diagnoses of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: Lifetime before enrolling in AHS-2, and since 2002-2007 for incident cases
Approximate Years of Follow-up: About 5 years to this point, on average
Cancer Sites Represented: All Sites
Biological Specimens Collected: (ON A SUBSET OF 2000)
Overnight Urine
Buffy coat
Treatment Outcome Measures: Not asked systematically
Death is recorded
Co-morbidities at Study Entry: Diabetes
Heart Disease
Pulmonary Disease
Lifestyle Factors: Smoking
Alcohol Use
Physical Activity
Body Mass Index
Treatment Data: None
Treatment Data Assessed By: None
Is the study open to collaboration? Yes

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