Colon Cancer Family Registry

The information on this page is archived and provided for reference purposes only.

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Number of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: 9,583 colorectal cancer patients enrolled (plus 18,275 enrolled relatives and 4,244 population-based controls)
Years of Diagnoses of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: 1997-2007
Approximate Years of Follow-up: Currently up to 14 years with active and passive follow-up ongoing (5- and 10-year follow-up interviews and do passive follow-up annually via SEER, SSDI, and project newsletters.)
Cancer Sites Represented: Colon & Rectum
Biological Specimens Collected: Blood/Blood Fraction
Buccal Cells
Normal Tissue (formalin-fixed) Germline DNA
Formalin Fixed Tumor Tissue
Treatment Outcome Measures: Physician/Medical Record Reported
  • Death
  • Other (2nd cancers for some study sites for some cases)
  • Other (2nd cancers-some sites for some cases)
Co-morbidities at Study Entry: Diabetes
Heart Disease
Lifestyle Factors: Smoking
Alcohol Use
Physical Activity
Body Mass Index
Other (family history, NSAID use, hormone therapy, reproductive history, screening history, etc.)
Treatment Data: (As Available) Surgery
Hormonal Therapy
Typically limited to 1st course of treatment (e.g., radiation vs. chemotherapy, single-drug vs. multiple-drug chemotherapy).
Treatment Data Assessed By: Electronic Record
Chart Abstraction
Patient Reported Questionnaire
Other: Collected via medical records and pathology reports when consent is provided, SEER (where applicable), and self-report.
Is the study open to collaboration? Yes (The C-CFR has a long history of collaboration with researchers in the United States and around the world.)

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The information on this page is archived and provided for reference purposes only.