Genetic Consequences of Cancer Treatment - Danish Part (GCCT)

Contacts: Jeanette Falck Winther, M.D.

Study Website: hhttp://www.gcct.orgExternal Web Site Policy

Number of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: 31,884 cancer survivors; 8,699 of these survivors had 13,834 pregnancies resulting in a live born singleton and/or a stillbirth. The cancer patients were diagnosed with cancer under age 35 and survived till reproductive age.
Years of Diagnoses of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: 1943-1996 (age at diagnosis 0-19) and 1943-2002 (age at diagnosis 20-34)
Approximate Years of Follow-up: Follow-up of offspring in health registries from birth or start of registry till today
Cancer Sites Represented: All Sites
Biological Specimens Collected: Blood/Blood Fraction
(Blood samples include DNA from 103 families - cancer survivor, children, and the other parents)
Treatment Outcome Measures: Physician/Medical Record Reported
  • Adverse outcomes in offpsring
Co-morbidities at Study Entry: None
Lifestyle Factors: None
Treatment Data: Surgery
(All on a sub-cohort included in a case-cohort study; i.e., 773 survivors with 1,539 pregnancies)
Treatment Data Assessed By: Electronic Record (Cancer registries and other health registries)
Chart Abstraction (Medical records; radiotherapy schemes)
Is the study open to collaboration? Yes

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