Leeds Melanoma Cohort and the BioGenoMEL Consortium

Contact: Julia Newton-Bishop, M.D.

Study Website: http://www.biogenomel.euExternal Web Site Policy

Number of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: The Leeds Cohort has 2,005 melanoma patients ascertained from a defined geographical area. The BioGenoMEL Consortium has 11 additional cohorts from the United States and Europe.
Years of Diagnoses of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: Recruitment began in 2000 for the Leeds Cohorot and is still ongoing.
Cancer Sites Represented: Melanoma Only
Biological Specimens Collected: Blood/Blood Fraction (Serum & plasma and frozen lymphocytes from the Leeds Melanoma Cohort)
Germline DNA (the Leeds Melanoma Cohort and BioGenoMEL cohorts)
Formalin Fixed Tumor Tissue
Treatment Outcome Measures: Physician/Medical Record Reported
  • Acute Medical Event
  • Late Medical Event
  • Cancer Recurrence
  • Death
  • Acute Medical Event
  • Late Medical Event
  • Quality of Life
  • Cancer Recurrence
  • Detailed Environmental Exposure Questionnaire (e.g., diet supplementation)
Co-morbidities at Study Entry: Diabetes
Heart Disease
Pulmonary Disease
General Medical History
Lifestyle Factors: Smoking
Alcohol Use
Diet (not very detailed)
Physical Activity
Body Mass Index
Treatment Data: Surgery
Treatment Data Assessed By: Electronic Record (where available)
Chart Abstraction
Patient Reported Questionnaire
Is the study open to collaboration? Yes

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