The Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trial


Study Website: http://www.plcostars.comExternal Web Site Policy

Number of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: Approx. 22,300
(diagnosed during trial)
Years of Diagnoses of Enrolled Cancer Patients/Survivors: 1993-2009
Approximate Years of Follow-up: 13
(Although actual follow-up is much longer, only data up to 13 years are currently available for research.)
Cancer Sites Represented: All sites
(colon and lung are not available for research until publication of the final outcome manuscripts. We hope these data can be released in 2012.)
Biological Specimens Collected: Blood/Blood Fraction (for intervention arm patients only)
Buccal Cells (for control arm patients only)
Germline DNA (Can be extracted)
Formalin Fixed Tumor Tissue (for select cancers including colorectal, lung, prostate, ovarian and breast)
Treatment Outcome Measures: Physician/Medical Record Reported (Prostate Cancer Progression Study)
  • Death
Co-morbidities at Study Entry: Diabetes
Heart Disease
Pulmonary Disease
Other (e.g., arthritis)
Lifestyle Factors: Smoking
Alcohol Use
Physical Activity (limited)
Body Mass Index
Other (e.g., medication use/HRT)
Treatment Data: Surgery
Hormonal Therapy
Treatment Data Assessed By: Chart Abstraction
Is the study open to collaboration? Yes

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