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Appendix C

Investigator Project Title Institution Total Award Estimate
(All Project Periods within Fiscal Years1993-2000)
Marilie Gammon, PhD Breast Cancer and the Environment on Long Island
(Columbia case-control study)
Columbia University
Karen Antman, MD Breast Cancer on Long Island:
Pilot research for Dr. Gammon's study
Columbia University 165,000
Cristina Leske, MD EMF & Breast Cancer on Long Island SUNY Stony Brook 2,460,000
Steven Stellman, PhD Epidemiology of Breast Cancer American Health Foundation 2,047,000
Steven Stellman, PhD Serum Organochlorine Compounds
and Breast Cancer on Long Island
American Health Foundation 81,000
Tongzhang Zheng, MD Organochlorine Compounds and Risk of Breast Cancer Yale University
Dorothy Lane, MD Reducing Barriers to Use of Breast
Cancer Screening
SUNY Stony Brook
Ruby Senie, PhD Metropolitan New York Registry of
Breast Cancer Families
Columbia University
Eliot Rosen, MD, PhD Regulation of Scatter Factor Expression in Breast Cancer Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Jo Freudenheim, PhD Environmental and Genetic
Determinants of Breast Cancer
SUNY Buffalo
Leon Bradlow, PhD Breast Cancer Risk and Inducibility
of P450s
Strang Cancer Research Laboratory
Michael Wigler, PhD RDA Analysis of Breast Cancer Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 119,000
Request for Proposals Geographic Information System for
Long Island
AverStar, Inc. 4,872,000
Extramural Research Prog. Total Estimate $26,752,000
Interagency Agreement Feasibility of a Geographic Information System Brookhaven National Laboratory $543,000
Total Estimate $27,295,000

Partial funding for LIBCSP is from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

June 2000

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The information on this page is archived and provided for reference purposes only.